Things I'm Not Auctioning

My handmade books.

My letters from authors.

My handmade quilts I still have, and my extensive cross stitching and embroidery. Some of the sweaters I knitted my grandsons. A length of hand tatting from a woman who was old when I was a child. A quilt patch from my paternal Nanny. 

A guitar pick Steve Earle gave me after his show New Years Eve, 198? at Dallas Alley when he opened for ****. It was about 10 degrees and outdoors. Earle got infamously arrested that night while his young son looked on. Townes is more the man for it today. I am, however, selling my Steve Earle autograph.

My signed copies of books by my favorite teacher ever, Ralph Salisbury, as well as correspondence and a story he was working on that he printed out and sent to me after I graduated.