Lofty Goals, Tributes and Mentions

LG: Collaborate to build a Wiki page for Gary Ewing and Freeman Hatfield/Paramount Theater circa 1976 and get more added to Bob Gardiner's.

Mention: I dedicated my first published story to my two sons, Haji and Boo. The second I dedicated to my parents. To my mom who taught me how to read words and to my dad who taught me to read notes.

Tribute: I especially always thank Ralph Salisbury, Cherokee storyteller and my professor.

Some pictures:

Sheila dancing. Gary is behind her. 1976 PDX.

Gary Ewing.

One of the few pictures of Bob Gardiner.

Ralph Salisbury.


Bob Gardiner
Freeman Hatfield/The Portland Paramount circa 1976

20 Hours sharing

Sell one trailer for a profit, buy another, repeat.