I started teaching guitar when I was fifteen in my parents' basement. My first student found me through my Nickel ad. He wanted to learn Country and Western. I had no idea what that was, but I figured with a few chords he could get started. Probably I taught him G C Am Em D. Maybe Dm. But I'm sure not F. Can't remember if he came back.

Besides the highlights of students ---> I've taught somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 mostly kids, though I've had dozens of adults as well. To them I have taught too many times, Sweet Home Alabama, Smoke On The Water and Wild Thing. 

Both of my sons are turntablists. Their music is here:

A festive rendition of Five Foot Two by Davis and D'Ville, my gypsy jazz duo is here.

Obsidian, a spoken word piece I wrote and narrated over my music is here.

A remarkable arrangement of White Christmas for guitar by the Late and Great Marv Lundblade. Download, practice and enjoy!

(I still have several of his transcriptions from the days when I took lessons from him. Some are really tough. $3 each. Email me.

Most of the guitar chords and licks for Neil Young's songs up until '06 can be found in pdf form here. The now defunct blog for my Neil Young Cover band. A little song composed around a campfire, late at night, by me, in the company of comrades, (for better or for worse) one who's sister had just died. He wanted to play a song for her passing. In drop D tuning, singing evolved spontaneously. It was beautiful then, that night, and it still is today. The lead guitar was just in a random sort of all over the place mood. It worked so beautifully and peacefully. 

Bear is a cowdog.   
The mp3 is here.

Some videos of my students, the NYCB and some more gypsy jazz can be found at the Digital Story page to the right --->

Liner notes I wrote in celebration of a birth are here.