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A sample. Includes commercial, commissioned, and for fun. Also some vids of my students and a rare peek at a Neil Young Cover Band performance.

Storytellingpdx - For fun & profit. Light hearted.

Whiskey Creek Shellfish Hatchery: Written and produced for the Oregon Economic Development Commission.

Apostrophe, The Movie: An educational tool that's really fun!


Students: This goes back to my statement somewhere earlier about whether art is good or not, and I answered that by saying I've never had a student who wasn't great. Well in this case these guys are great. Spencer chomps out his solo at approximately the right time. Nora, of course, wows everyone. Her parents are in the front row, her sister is filming to the right. The bass player is Jesse from The Decemberists, and I really did con him into helping me with this band that summer. The kid stage left, to your right if you watch, has a name but I can't remember. He was a great guitar player. Why he sits there the whole time and doesn't play I have no idea. That he has big eyes for Nora well, watching this for the first time eight years later, I think I recognize a crush. Went swooshing past me that summer. I always missed that stuff. Also, some neighborhood swingin style voxs chimed in on the oow oow oows and it threw Nora but that's great. She has amounted to great things.

The Neil Young Cover Band: Donnie's harp solo is really quite great. Wallace did keep some da dumb, bass and snare anyway. Daniel is all about he remembered the chords and that this vid got posted on youtube. Rob's bass is Rob. Math dude. Donnie's on the Losing End but really his wife Patty is. Patty is leading the oow oow wah chorus at the back of the driveway where this end-of-summer concert was held. That she even showed up is a testament to her absolute terror of the unknown, she chose the known despite its humiliation. If somebody would have clubbed Donnie like a trout I'd have been all for it. Whoever cut my hair whacked it. But Don did set the stage for what was to come. Molly won't know what hit her. She believes to this day that it wasn't Dave. That summer? We were all on the cusp of a major losing end. Enjoy.

The herding cats video: Rhythm just cannot be taught.

More Students 
Lots of Neil Young those days. Lead guitar does amazingly well here considering his aversion to practicing. Wasn't a good time to push it considering his blood sugar was what it was already. Plus, he was surrounded by all the noble yearnings by the elders, to pick up their lives where they had pitifully left off. Thirty years of teaching, I refused favorites. Had I hadn't, these would be.

The Cinnamon Girl riff, however, really is so good. 

Training Day - My Over The Moon Pizza

thestorynetwork: Not light hearted. Anti-war, pro-peaceful planet, lots of graphic images and otherwise dark side of human nature with bursts of hope.

The Children - Tribute to My Teachers

A Tribute to my Brother, Marty Davis

A slideshow of my photographs accompanied by an instrumental piece I wrote and performed by my jazz trio, Davis & D'Ville. I'm playing rhythm guitar. 
San Miguel de Allende

Moving Day

Once There Was a Boy: A children's book using my artwork and script:

Doggie Daycare: A sample used for promotion:

A short-short piece using images and sound from the National Archives: